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Diesel Repair

Diesel engines are extraordinary pieces of automotive technology that have powered countless models of vehicles in this country for almost a century. With usage in commercial trucks, industrial transportation, the agricultural industry, and more, diesel engines are as diverse as they are effective. But like any other car part or piece of heavy machinery, these engines are subject to wear and tear over time—regardless of their day-to-day workload. So, if you’re looking for top-of-the-line diesel repair located in Ardmore, OK, for your Ford, Chevy, or any other make of truck or commercial truck you may own, you need to stop by Oneway Automotive.

Our team here at Oneway Automotive has decades of combined experience doing diesel truck service and repair—from minor maintenance procedures and part replacements to complete overhauls and upgrades. Plus, all of our work on your vehicle comes with a fantastic 3-year/36,000-mile warranty that will guarantee your peace of mind when you drive off our lot. Whether your car, truck, or RV needs maintenance or repair on its brakes, batteries, suspension system, wheel seals, alternators, starters, or anything else, we’re here to find the problem and jump on making the necessary repairs.

Our Diesel Repairs and Services

As the beating heart and powerhouse of your vehicle, your vehicle’s diesel engine ought to run as efficiently and effectively as possible, offering you only the best driving experience. As such, we offer a select array of top-notch automotive services and diesel repairs in Ardmore, OK, to ensure that we can make that possible.

The first-class mechanics and automotive technicians that staff our team here at Oneway Automotive are well-versed in all forms of diesel engine repair. That means we use all the tools at our disposal, including computer diagnostics, to speedily diagnose any issue that might be hindering the performance of your engine and work on a solution so that you can get back out on the road without too much downtime.

In addition to our general diesel truck repair services, we also provide the necessary preventative maintenance services that your vehicle’s engine needs, such as:

And with affordable and competitive prices, you’ll be able to get your truck (and trailer) up and running in no time without breaking the bank. So, as you can see, no matter what diesel repairs or services your vehicle’s engine may need, Oneway Automotive is the way to go in Ardmore, Ok.

Signs You Need a Diesel Repair

Timeliness is essential for practically any car or truck repair, and this is especially true when it comes to diesel truck repair in Ardmore, OK. The best way to ensure that your vehicle gets the repairs and services that it needs before they become costly overhauls and replacements is to be aware of the early warning signs of disrepair. Keep an eye on your trucks and other vehicles so you can notice those early warning signs before you have to deal with the results of what used to be a small problem.

A few easily noticeable reasons to visit a diesel mechanic at Oneway Automotive include the following:

  • Difficulties getting the engine started
  • Discolored smoke leaving the exhaust pipe
  • Excessive vibrations and shaking while idling
  • A reduction in your diesel engine’s performance
  • Weird noises and smells coming from under the hood
  • Grinding sounds from a wheel and tire

Of course, always be sure to have your owner’s manual close at hand so that you can remind yourself of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Timely preventative maintenance can often make all the difference when it comes to private and commercial truck repair.

Diesel Engines We Can Service

As we mentioned, diesel engines can come in all shapes, sizes, and models and can be fitted for a variety of uses. Whether you need commercial truck repair or service on another diesel vehicle, you’ll need an auto shop that can adapt and overcome any obstacle that may arise with your vehicle’s diesel repair.

Our mechanics here at Oneway Automotive can repair and service the following:

  • Cummins Diesel Engines — As one of the go-to diesel engines, our crew has plenty of experience working with Cummins diesel parts.
  • Powerstroke Diesel Engines — Our team can restore the roar of your worn-down Powerstroke engine before you know it.
  • Duramax Diesel Engines — We can also have your V8 Duramax engines back up and running practically as good as new.
  • And Any Other Diesel Engines — Don’t see your vehicle’s diesel engine listed here? With our experienced team, we can likely service it anyway, so reach out to our business at 580-786-4407, and we’re sure to help you find a solution that gets you the results you need.

First Class Diesel Repair in Ardmore, OK

Here at Oneway Automotive, we pride ourselves on being much more than just another run-of-the-mill auto repair shop. A family and veteran-owned business, we take every opportunity to go the extra mile to meet your needs. We’ll ensure that your truck receives the best possible care and that you receive the best possible customer service. Our goal is to get your car or truck back on the road as quickly as possible!

Moreover, we know just how frustrating unexpected truck and diesel repairs can be, especially in months when money may be a little tighter than usual. That’s why we offer up-front, no-nonsense estimates and honest pricing so you always know what your service and repairs will cost.

General Auto and Truck Repair in Ardmore, OK

At Oneway Automotive, we don’t only service diesel engines. We are a full-service repair shop, and our technicians also service and repair a variety of issues you may have with your car, truck, commercial truck, RV, or even your trailers. Our business offers services that range from oil and tire changes to brake services to replacing specific parts like an alternator or starter. If you are in the Ardmore, OK area and need preventative maintenance services or would like a diagnostic run on a car, truck, or trailer, please come and see us!

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So, if you have questions or need diesel repair in Ardmore, OK, give us a call at 580-786-4407 today—or feel free to give us a visit at our physical location, 40 N. Washington St, Ardmore, OK 73401. You can also schedule an appointment for repair services on our website with ease through our convenient online form.

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